Files by Google

Files by Google
Reviews 4.6
Downloads 1,000,000,000+ 
Category Tools
Compatibility 5.0
Seller Google LLC
Content Rating Everyone
Last Updated Oct 30, 2023
Version 1.1421.575590873.0-release

App Description

Introducing Files by Google, the all-in-one file management application designed to streamline your digital life. Whether you're an organization enthusiast or someone who simply wants to free up space on their device, this must-have app brings remarkable convenience to your fingertips. With over millions of downloads worldwide, Files by Google has revolutionized the way people organize, share, and optimize their digital content.

Tired of constantly running out of storage space? Our app comes with a powerful cleaning feature that intelligently suggests and safely removes all those unwanted junk files, duplicate photos, memes, and unused apps cluttering up your device. Reclaim those precious gigabytes and experience the lightning-fast performance you've always desired!

But that's not all! Files by Google isn't just about freeing up storage; it's about discovering and sharing your files effortlessly. Our smart filters help you navigate through your content like a breeze, allowing you to locate that important document, awe-inspiring photo, or that entertaining video in seconds. Plus, with our robust sharing options, you can instantly send files to friends, family, or colleagues without ever leaving the app.

We understand the importance of privacy and security, which is why Files by Google puts your personal information first. Rest assured knowing that our app comes equipped with industry-leading security measures, ensuring that your files and sensitive data are always protected. Your peace of mind is our utmost priority.

Designed with a sleek and intuitive interface, Files by Google delivers a delightful user experience that seamlessly integrates with your digital lifestyle. From effortlessly organizing your files to securely sharing them with others, our app empowers you to take control of your digital content like never before. Don't miss out on this phenomenal file management experience, join millions of satisfied users and download Files by Google today!

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Previous Versions

v1.1232.565110651.1-release 18.9 MB APK 2023-09-15
v1.856.549219070 13.9 MB XAPK  OBB 2023-07-27
v1.962.553056544.1-release 18.1 MB APK 2023-08-21
v1.856.549219070 13.6 MB XAPK  OBB 2023-07-27
v1.856.549219070 11.2 MB XAPK  OBB 2023-07-26
v1.1328.571712125.0-release 11.6 MB XAPK  OBB 2023-10-18
v1.1328.571712125.0-release 14.4 MB XAPK  OBB 2023-10-18
v1.1290.570726447.1-release 14.3 MB XAPK  OBB 2023-10-17
v1.1328.571712125.0-release 19 MB APK 2023-10-10

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