Ecosia: Browse to plant trees.

Ecosia: Browse to plant trees.
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Last Updated Oct 5, 2023
Version 8.0.5

App Description

Are you looking for a browsing experience that not only enhances your online activities but also helps make a positive impact on the world around us? Look no further than Ecosia: Browse to plant trees – the game-changing application that allows you to surf the web while actively participating in reforestation efforts. Join millions of users worldwide and transform your online searches into tangible benefits for our planet!

With Ecosia, your every click matters. By simply using this innovative search engine, you contribute to the planting of trees in deforested areas across the globe. Imagine the collective power of millions of users united in their quest for a greener future! Over 129 million trees have already been planted by Ecosia users, and you can be part of this incredible movement today.

But Ecosia is not just about making a difference; it also offers an outstanding browsing experience. Powered by Bing's search technology, this application provides you with relevant and accurate search results within seconds. Whether you're searching for information, images, videos, or news, Ecosia has you covered. Discover the world wide web effortlessly while contributing to a sustainable future.

Moreover, Ecosia is committed to transparency. They publish monthly financial reports, ensuring complete accountability and giving you the confidence that your searches are making a genuine impact. You can even track the number of trees you've personally helped to plant, right from the application. It's more than just a browsing app; it's a chance for you to be part of a global movement for change.

Join Ecosia: Browse to plant trees today and revolutionize the way you browse the internet. Be part of a community that cares, a community that believes in the power of individuals to drive real change. Together, we can make the world a greener place – one search at a time.

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